A Cozy Start

December 6, 2022

Sown Fields came out of a conversation on a mother daughter trip to Chicago. We were sitting in the most cozy coffee shop with the cold winter winds blowing snow flurries around us through the windows outside. As we were sipping our coffee, the idea seemed to hit us both at the same time. What if we could spend time finding ways to encourage us all to fully embrace our life story in a way that allows us to share this with others? Over the next few years we spent countless phone calls and chats dreaming about how we could find the courage to step out and begin this journey. We know all of us have experienced hard times and even traumatic moments, yet we also know our faith doesn’t let our story end here.

The dream of Sown Fields comes from a desire to see women offering love, supporting one another, encouraging and rejoicing together. And most of all holding on to the promise of all Christ came to give us.

 Sown Fields will never be about measuring up to our own standards, but to the standards placed on each of our hearts by our creator and sustainer in life, our Heavenly Father.  

Is there an area in your life you are wanting to step out in, but are afraid you won’t measure up?

Take a brave step and go show love and support to someone today.

Here’s to cozy beginnings,

Tami and Erika

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