My heart wants a change…what’s holding me back

February 9, 2023

My heart wants a change…what’s holding me back… from making changes or seeing growth in an area in my life,…or from accepting the here and now and finding contentment while I wait for something to change.   

Are my attempts to find the answers myself…and on my own… holding me back?

 Who’s really in charge of my life… surely the creator and sustainer of life cares more about me than anything (or anyone) else I seek to help me find the answers. 

 My plans for you
 Are more wonderful than your own.
Your aim is too low,    
Your target too scattered,
Your confidence is shallow.
Mistakes cloud your vision,
So I turn them into guides
To open your eyes of understanding…
I know you are finding your way, and I am with you to lead.  
I alone know your soul and all its ways. 
I am God. Trust me. 
The secret place of strength, Marie Chapian

Have I given complete surrender of my heart to Christ? Is this the time when I will stop trying to do this life all by myself?  His work on the cross did more than anything I will ever accomplish… one that is impossible for me to ever do on my own, and it has already been done for me…

I am ready to accept this truth and believe…that all other areas of change and personal growth will flow out from this amazing truth… and are actually built upon it?

Will I surrender each and every chapter of my life to the One who promises unfailing love and never-ending mercy? 

I say yes…no holding back.