Sown Fields

July 18, 2022

Sown fields began with two cups of coffee on a cold day in a coffee shop deep in the heart of downtown Chicago. It began with a mother and daughter desiring to use beauty and truth to encourage women. It began with the Lord dreaming over the lives of His children.

We are all on a journey towards healing and wholeness. No one escapes the inevitable sting of pain and suffering. Brokenness was written into the lives of all humanity the minute Eve ate of the tree. And yet for those of us who know Christ we also know this is not the end. Christ promises a life of true rest for those who will lay their burdens at His feet.

Yet why is it that some of us feel that healing and true rest and peace elude us? We are experts at looking the part yet underneath we feel as broken as ever. Your marriage is barely hanging on. You can’t seem to get on top of ever mounting bills and debt. You’ve been so deeply hurt by others, the idea of opening up to love again feels impossible. You see no end in sight from overwhelming grief. You were so sure that step of faith in starting your business was the right thing to do, but you’ve lost it all.

This is where we desire to meet all of you reading Sown Fields. We want to walk alongside you in the real and raw moments that life presents. We want to help you lean into your community and find Christian friends and even counselors to live in fellowship with. I believe we all long for those deep and vulnerable relationships. Scripture tells us we were designed for them, but often times it’s too scary to step out and we don’t even know where to look or start.

So what started in our hearts as a dream on a cold winter morning begins here in our joining together to share our stories and the stories of others. We believe God has a purpose for every seed He has Sown. He is calling us into a hurting world, finding the courage to embrace that part of ourselves we may have been holding back…until now.

Will you take a small step today?

“But those who do what is right come to the light so others can see that they are doing what God wants.” John 3:21 NLT