Surviving Winter- 22 Ways to Beat the Cold

January 29, 2023

All right Lovely Ladies πŸ™‚ Today’s blog is a little different than our usual content. As most of you know my family and I are currently living in Logan Utah, a town north of Salt Lake City, close to the Idaho border. Utah is seriously gorgeous, but for all the things I love about living here I struggle with the long winters. Lately my three year old has been running circles around our living room so I think he’s feeling it too.

Even though I am tempted to let the long gray days drag me down, I know there is beauty and joy to be found in life no matter the season. Winter has a certain beauty of its own if you are willing to look past the challenges that come with it. So let’s dive in to these 22 ideas to help us all survive the long cold months!

“The great thing to remember is that though our feelings come and go God’s love for us does not.”

C.S. Lewis

1. Bake Something Decadent..

Ezekiel my little three year old has been my baking buddy this winter. Baking has quickly become one of our favorite things to do together. I would say not a week goes by that we haven’t at least made cookies muffins or some kind of cake or pie. There was one day in particular that we felt like doing something special for Ben (My Husband). We decided to make him Joanna Gaines Tres Leches cake( Link to cookbook HERE). It took us quite a while of going back to it throughout most of the first half of the day for the different steps but it was so fun and worth the extra time…and calories;)

2. Take a Walk

This one sounds simple but trust me. Pick a day that maybe the sun is shining through or some fresh snow is falling. Bundle up, embrace the cold( while being warm;) and step out your front door. Put on some relaxing happy tunes, worship or no music at all. Don’t think on all the things you have to do, but rather focus on your five senses. Breath deep. Take a closer look and really pay attention to your surroundings even if they are the things you see everyday. Enjoy some solitude. Often times this is when things come up for me that I know I need to process but have been ignoring.

3. Start a New Book

Have you had a particular book that a friend recommended or you’ve had on your “to read” list but haven’t found the time? Maybe this winter is the season to make it happen!

4. Get Crafting

Pull out a sketchbook and draw or that canvas and paints and create. Don’t worry about making something perfect, just let yourself go and have fun. Not into painting or drawing? There are so many other options for crafting. I found this great article with lots of fun ideas… link HERE

5. Try Making your Favorite Takeout at Home

My husband and I are pretty obsessed with Indian food. Its actually what I requested as the first food after giving birth to my second born, Solomon-ha! Anyway I found a recipe for a homemade butter chicken. We usually get our Indian from Tandoori Oven here in Logan and I’m not going to lie I think this version came pretty close to being as good as their’s. It took longer to make but I made a huge portion and we ate it for a couple days straight so it was worth the extra time. We have it on the menu again this week… πŸ˜‰

Butter Chicken (Murgh Makhani)

6. Hot Bath

This one sounds simple but how often do we plan to take a relaxing bath versus actually doing it? Get that book you’ve started, some fun bath salts, and candles or essential oil going. Set the ambience however you need to relax and enjoy.

Pssss…. Osea has an awesome Gigartina Bath therapy that makes my skin feel like butter. Here’s the LINK.

7. Join a Local Sports Club

This one is a bit more expensive but worth it if you can. Having workout classes and the option to enroll kids in swimming lessons has been really fun for me and the boys on days when we want to do something active without getting in the snow. The club we joined also has tumbling, basketball, tennis and more for older kids. Do some research and see what your local gym might have to offer for this season.

Ps. Our club has a steam room and sauna which I love to help fight dry skin during the winter months.

8. Plan A Getaway

Whether you can afford to go somewhere far away and warm or just a fun restaurant one town away, plan a fun little getaway. Make it a trip that at least takes up half your day and gets you away from your regular scenery.

9. Try a New Hairdo

Be bold and fun! Get on Pinterest for inspiration and try a something you’ve never done with your hair. Even if you have nowhere to go but grocery shopping, Do it for yourself.

10. Get Ahead on Spring Cleaning

Have any closets to organize or projects that have been on the back of your list for months? I’ve personally really been in the mood to declutter and clean out things we no longer need. It always makes me feel so good after completing these kind of projects!

11. Coffee Date with Yourself

Pick you favorite local coffee shop or fun eatery and go-just you. Take a notebook or your bible or planner and do some journaling. Slow down to check in with yourself. What are some goals or dreams you might have and want to talk to the Lord about? What have you been struggling with and and need to acknowledge and work through? What things in life have you been loving and want to make more time for?

12. Buy Some Fresh Flowers

Buy some fresh flowers for your table or a get new piece of spring dΓ©cor to spruce things up. Hobby Lobby usually has great sales on there spring stuff this time of year.

13. Update Your Winter Socks

This one’s simple and you might be thinking well duh? I moved from Texas so I didn’t really think much on this until a sweet friend of mine gave me this tip. Its been a game changer. I got some cute purple Columbia socks that are thick and so comfy. If y’all could just tell my husband to stop wearing them…I bought him his own, but he still keeps taking mine ha!

14. Girls Night Out

There’s nothing like getting with the friends you love to laugh and fight off the winter blues. Get together with others as much as you can. Girls night out. Family dinners. Play dates. You get the idea πŸ™‚

15. Spa Treatment

This might be something already on your normal routine but if it’s not why not treat yourself to something special like a massage or facial? Even just getting your nails done could be fun!

16. Embrace Winter Sports

If you live somewhere with snow and haven’t yet tried the typical winter activities- Do It! Most places offer lessons and its such good exercise. Not into skiing or snowboarding? There is probably a place near you that offers snow tubing which based off what some friends have said is fun and easy for the whole family. Ill let you know what we think πŸ˜‰

17. Brunch at A Local Bed and Breakfast

So I know most of us have our typical brunch places but I’m challenging you to try somewhere new! I’ll bet there is a cute Inn or Bed and Breakfast if you do some research. Even just somewhere with a fireplace would do the trick.

18. Organize Your Family Photos

I have been wanting to do this for so long. I let the photos just pile up on my phone, but love the idea of having actually family albums that I envision us looking through with our kids in the future. Its so easy to go online and create books through Shutterfly or Walgreens or even go old school and print some photos and scrapbook.

19. Do Something for a Neighbor

Anyone who’s been on your mind lately that you’ve been meaning to show some extra kindness? Bake them some chocolate chip cookies or take them a small gift you know they’d love.

20. Starry Night Ride

We do this one a lot. After a long day of being cooped up we all pile in the car and go for a drive. We usually put on some fun tunes and bring some hot chocolate. We drive around in our favorite neighborhoods or through the canyon.

21. Call Up an Old Friend

I’m sure we all have some friend we’ve lost touch with but would love to hear from. Be bold and try to reconnect! Maybe text to schedule a time to talk and catch up on life.

22. Local Museum Tour

One of my friends planned a museum trip for any of us moms who wanted to join and it was so fun! My kids are 3 and 1 and even at those ages we had a great time. The museum had some awesome interactive activities thanks to my friend who called ahead and asked!

Hope you were able to at least get a few new ideas from this list! Don’t forget to sign up for our Newsletter to get free Digital Art and Monthly Encouragement and Updates!

In God’s Love,