The Hostess and The Guests

June 22, 2023

The Hostess:

I think I’ll have a party…what will I celebrate? An upcoming wedding or new baby or birthday? Or what if I just want to gather friends around me to celebrate life without the excuse of any major upcoming event?

Who will I invite? Do I gather groups of friends familiar with each other or mix it up a bit and give new folks a chance to get to know one another? I think I’ll do a little of both. Invite a few that know each other enough to keep the conversations going along with a few new guests who can blend in without feeling like they are not included.

Invitations sent… and accepted…

…menu is chosen

The day before:

-Clean the house… “Will my house be nice enough, clean enough, big enough for my guests”?

-Set up the table and decide where the appetizers and drinks will be sitting. Add the plates, napkins, utensils…glasses. “what flow works best…drinks first or will it be hard to hold the drink while filling the plate?”

Friday 6PM

Two hours until the guests begin to arrive. Feeling a mixture of nerves and excitement The Hostess runs down her checklist.

-7:15 put the warm appetizers in the oven

-Add ice to the water and set out the other drinks

-7:30 light the candles and turn on all the lights

Take a deep breath and tell yourself it won’t all be perfect…and doesn’t need to be.

The Guests

They come from different homes…different circumstances. Paul and Amy are excited over a recent promotion. Jim and Cathy are concerned about recent news of cutbacks at his job. Claire and Rob found out they are expecting a child. Jim and Karen got turned down for a mortgage loan. Is it really faking to put on a happy face for an hour or so…isn’t this just being polite for our hostess and her family? Or maybe we should hold back saying anything about our good news…will it seem like bragging?

As they all come through the front door… they immediately feel a sense of peace, love, and connection.

“Oh I wasn’t expecting this the Guests think!” “I wasn’t either” the Hostess says to herself.

All are completely immersed in the company of one another for a few short hours…away from the pressing circumstances of their lives…away from the worries of “will I get this right for my guests?” Into a world of enjoyment, laughter, and feeling valued as a friend and a person.

Driving home later the Guests think about how life has its ups and downs, but there can be some things in life that are constant and reassuring…as long as they stay connected to one another.

The Hostess looks around…the empty glasses and trays emptied of food. Hugging her husband she realizes what a good decision it was to open her home…call their friends to come to them…to celebrate one another and the life they are living…in connection…together.