The Power of YOUR Story

July 6, 2022

“With many stories like these, He presented His message to them, fitting the stories to their experience and maturity. He was never without a story when He spoke.” Mark 4 MSG

Stories are powerful. They are compelling. They are enjoyable. Oftentimes they communicate deeper truths in a way we couldn’t otherwise grasp. Our world is full of them. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter the list goes on. What are these platforms? A place for people to simply share their story. And yet these simple platforms have the world on an addictive hook. It is a strong and attractive pull that often takes up frequent space in our everyday life.

The Bible is also full of stories. It is a book written for those who decide to follow and love the Lord. Among many things, it was written to be our daily food. And what does it mostly consist of? Stories. The Bible is full of tale after tale of believers and unbelievers alike. These stories teach us. They model for us ways to live and ways not to live. The written life of Christ is the single most important story you will ever read. Understanding and accepting Christ as Lord and Savior in our lives is the only way to inherit everlasting life. How do we do this? We must first hear His story.

You see? Stories are powerful. I now have a question for you.

What story are you telling every day?

What story does your Instagram TikTok or Twitter tell?

What story does your attitude with friends or your time at work tell?

Would those following you on social media or interacting with you in real life know that Christ is in you?

Do you know? Or are you living as if everything is okay, but deep down you have unanswered questions or unresolved hurt. Maybe the Lord didn’t show up for you the way you thought He would. Its easier to live a life of distraction surrounding yourself with the seemingly more hopeful stories of others than taking the time to embrace your own.

Often times our stories feel more ugly and broken compared to what we witness around us. But Friends, in the hands of our loving Savior Jesus, the brokenness and ugliness of our lives are oftentimes the parts that become the most beautiful. They are the parts that keep us tender to the Cross. But this takes time and trust. Acceptance and healing don’t come easy. Just as a surgeon who needs to take out cancer must cut and open things up, so often accepting and embracing where we are at or what has been done to us is painful.

In the end, the beauty of our stories is not found in the achievements of who we are or vain glory of what we’ve done. The beauty is found in the echoes and imprints of God’s loving hands along the way. It is found in the glimpse and reflections of Christ Himself intertwined in our stories. Our stories are valuable because they are God’s story first. He is the author and finisher of our faith. Our lives were meant to point to the greatest story of all time.  The story of Jesus Christ.



“in the hands of our loving Savior Jesus, the brokenness and ugliness of our lives are oftentimes the parts that become the most beautiful.”
Wow, this is so tenderly said. They really can!


I heard a friend recently say “God can graft our mistakes into His will for our lives”. Whew! I’m so thankful for this.
Thank you for your kind words, it means a lot :).