To love yourself as Christ loves you

February 18, 2023

Last month has been a bit of a doozy for our family. Between ear infections for the kids, different rounds of colds and strep for me and my husband, allergic reactions to antibiotics and our single car breaking down, it’s been a month where we aimed just to survive.

As February has begun and we are all in good health (Praise the Lord) I’m finding myself so excited to be back into our old routines. Seriously, I’m happy just to be doing dishes again 😂

Though its been wonderful to get back into those comfortable rhythms our family thrives on, I’m realizing my evenings have been preoccupied with me running through my failures from the day. I’ve been upset and disappointed at myself. For so many things honestly. I wish I could get more accomplished in my day. Why is it so hard to be kinder to those I love? Sometimes all I can seem to see is my sin and it grieves me because I want to hate what the Lord hates.

Being overly self critical is something I’ve personally struggled with for a while. I do not believe this is what the Lord desires for us. I know this is a bit of a tricky subject so let me clarify. Yes we are to hate and fight against sin and our flesh, but that does not mean constantly beating ourselves up. I believe the Lord wants us to treat ourselves with compassion and grace just as He did and still does for us. Hate your sin but don’t hate who God has made you to be.

I’ve prayed for a long time for the Holy Spirit to enable me to see people with the same eyes and compassion Jesus did. Yet I’ve been excluding myself from that. I’m trying to be grace filled and understanding with others, but towards myself I’m overly critical and harsh. If we are constantly critical of ourselves then we are most likely going to be critical of others too. I wonder if I am not loving others well because there are days where I am not accepting Christ’s love for me and in a sense loving myself first? Not in a selfish or self righteous way but in the way we see here in Galatians 5:14 “For the whole law is fulfilled in one word: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

When you talk so poorly about yourself and practice self loathing you are in fact speaking poorly of the One who made you. He called you a good work because you were made in His image! His beautiful glorious image! I’ve heard this before but often I need the reminder.

So Go… Abide… Rest in the Lord today. Take those worries about your shortcoming or failures and let Him speak truth into your life. Let Him encourage and convict you. Let Him help you to weed out what is fear or pride and what is righteous conviction. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reshape the way you see yourself to be more in line with the way God sees you.

I pray that you and I will both run a little deeper into accepting Christ’s love for us today.

In God’s Love


P.S I was thinking of creating a small set of Scripture cards with versus regarding this issue. I’ll keep you posted on it if you’re interested! 😊